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Best of 500

Favorites in blue

8. Favorite color?
colors of water

11. Lefty or righty?

12. Glass is half-empty or half-full?
It really depends on the situation, I'm never always one or the other

14. What do you like about yourself?
my drive to improve, my open mind (oops that's 2)

18. Do you talk to yourself?
yes, constantly in my head and sometimes out loud.

28. Would you ever recite poetry to a girl?

32. Do tight jeans make guys look gay?
no, just frighteningly repulsive

34. Would a girl wearing blue/green mascara turn you on?
depends on the rest of her

38. M&Ms or Skittles?
Skittles, their commercials are so cool

41. What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas, just because you can really feel its spirit

42. Pick one: RuPaul - Dennis Rodman
RuPaul, I've always admired transvestites (sp?)

46. Where do you want to go?
Uh oh, you had to ask. China, Latin America, everywhere in Europe, Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, Alaska, Russia, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Africa, LA

47. Who do you want to meet?
Gillian Anderson, Madonna, Joan of Arc, Lao Tzu, any ancient people especially celts, native americans, greeks. Anyone from a different culture.

77. Describe the best day of your life.
must not have been that great cause I can't remember it

96. Do u believe in making a wish at 11:11?
yes I do! and 5:55, 4:44 etc.

101. Did you ever eat crayons when you were little?
no, I ate soap though

115. What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
put it in some sort of savings thing that gives you lots of interest

122. Favorite Actor?
Robin Williams

123. Favorite Actress?
Kate Winslet and Gillian Anderson... MmmmmHmmmmm

126. Do you shave your legs?

127. Midnight or mid-day?

162. Blondes or brunettes?
redheads, think Scully

167. What scares you?
murderers, psychopaths, that I'll die before I get to do the stuff I want to do

217. What's your favorite sense: touch, sight, hearing, smelling, or taste? and why?

ooooh, tricky. Hearing probably, because of music. But then I couldn't see Scully ;)

241. Wind, water, or fire?
I have to say wind (I love elements)

242. Earth or sky?
Tough choice, but sky.

256. Name your pets.
Shakespeare and Fluffy

264. Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?
Simon, smart is sexy (Sculllly)

266. Straight, waves, or curls?
straight (ew, bad word)

269. Who is your favorite GI Joe?
do my Xena action figures count?

282. Have you ever been out of the country?
Canada doesn't count, so I guess not. I'm just dying to!

294. Have you ever been in love with a cartoon character?
I'm in love with Daria, Jane's not bad

295. What is your favorite TV show?
do you really need to ask? X-files and Xena

297. Who is your favorite TV character?
you really DIDN'T need to ask! Scully!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoo boy!

299. Do you think you are going to be famous one day?>
I hope so.

300. If so, for what?
for saving kids and stopping wars

301. What was the last certificate/award you got for?
Two trophies for piano

322. What is your school mascot?

327. What is your favorite subject?
sometimes band, foreign language, and English

331. What do you wish you had done in the past, but didn't?
moved to my grandma's sooner

332. What do you wish you hadn't done?
answered any email in Nov. 97 through Jan. 98

333. What do you wish for?
Success, a friend, travel

334. What are your goals?
to keep my house, to travel all over saving people, to be better at music and spanish

335. What do you plan to be?
I'm wishing to be a human rights activist

345. Do you read your horoscope?
yeah, sometimes its right, sometimes not

346. Do you believe in that stuff?
I do a lot of the time. Its fun.

354. Do you think women with a lot of makeup on are prettier?
sometimes it looks good, but usually natural is better (Like, Scully shouldn't cover her mole or freckles (if she has them))

365. Does yawning turn you on?
maybe if Scully were yawning

369. What type of fetishes do you have?
probably a few but I can't think of them, unless you're talking addictions and obsessions, I have quite a few of those

381. Do you wear perfume?
I wear body splash

407. Can you wink with either eye?

408. Can you roll your tongue?
no, I've tried

12. Are you double-jointed?
yes I can bend my pinkys all the way back and my third toes

418. Do you want kids?
yes, but I don't want to concieve them, I want them to magically appear and be mine

420. How many kids do you want?
one, I'd never put my kids through having siblings. I love being an only child. I've had lots of step-siblings and a half-sister, they've come and gone. Take it from me, only child is best.

425. Do you like your memories?
Oh God no. Please make them go away!!! My memories haunt me and follow me like a black shadow.

439. When were you the most surprised last/ever?
When I got home to find out that a member of my family had gotten into my private things and read my journal, and accused me of things based on that. Then I moved out.

*450. Where do you want to be right now?
In China or India, or somewhere traveling, with my best friend (non-existant at the moment) who looks just like Scully saving starving children's lives by using my brain and convincing the whole word to be open minded while making people who support the website cry because they realize how close-minded, idiotic, and just plain mean they are in the name of a religion that supposedly teaches non-judment and acceptance and at the same time enlightening the world of the benefits of vegetarianism that could save the majority of starving people and then convincing the government to give more money to homeless and relief agencies and putting every corporation that is responsible for the destruction of the world's rainforests out of buisness while ending any or every secret experimentation with cloning, human or otherwise.

452. Do you like school?
Let's see, superficial peers who could talk about shopping until their blue in the face, homework that I don't have time to do, no free time, teachers who think their job is to give us enough busy work to shut us up, whats not to like?

457. Do you like waking up?
yes, because I have nightmares that keep me tossing and turning all night

458. Are you a morning person?
no but I want to be, I love the morning

459. Would you let a girl paint your nails if she asked?

494. Do you believe in aliens?
yes, the truth is out there. When I was little I remember being tied down to a gurney thing and there were all these chrome things everywhere and people in green everywhere poking me and I was screeming and everything else was white and it was really bright. My mom says I was getting an IV and having a hard time of it so they tied me down and wouldn't let her in. But I don't know, sounds kind of suspicious, you know. I'm sure they were performing weird tests on me and now I'm a product of a government conspiracy and they're surveilancing (???) me 24/7 with their satellites because I'm a creation of theirs and they want to see how I'll react if raised in modern society as a normal human child would be. (too much X-files, no?)

495. Have you ever seen a UFO?
could have

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