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500 Questions or Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Me

1. What brand of toothpaste?

ultra brite with advanced whitening formula

2. Shampoo + Conditioner in one ..or separate?

depends on the brand, whichever works

3. What Brands?

Name brands tend to work best (pantene pro-v etc) but I'll use whatever's in the house

4. What flavor dental floss: Mint, cinnamon, bubble gum, or regular?

Mint I guess, it doesn't really matter

5. Do you roll your socks, pull them up, or ?

I fold mine over once

6. Toilet paper: wad or fold?

people actually fold their toilet paper?

7. Do you know Donald Ducks middle name?

no, I was never really into those guys

8. Favorite color?

colors of water

9. Summer footwear: sandals or nothing?


10. Apples, oranges, or bananas?

yes, those are good, also melon, watermelon, strawberries, peaches, pears, cherries

11. Lefty or righty?


12. Glass is half-empty or half-full?

It really depends on the situation, I'm never always one or the other

13. Bleh or blah?

blah, whoever heard of bleh?

14. What do you like about yourself?

my drive to improve, my open mind (oops that's 2)

15. Would you ever wear Taz boxers?

why not, I've done stranger things

16. Do you sing in the shower?

if I think about it, but usually its just in and out

17. Do you talk to your cat/dog/rodents?

of course

18. Do you talk to yourself?

yes, constantly in my head and sometimes out loud.

19. Do you have a secret crush on your dentist?

no, he's old and his breath smells like coffee and latex

20. Do you know your mailman/woman's name?

I don't even know if we have one

21. Do you give your mailman/woman a gift on Xmas?


22. Do you have 11 toes?

who came up with this question?

23. What is the lamest pick up line you've ever used?

I have no desire to ever use one

24. Would you ever buy/use a pink pen?

sure, not buy but use

25. Would you ever buy ANYTHING pink?

depends on what it is

26. Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?

Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse never had much of a personality

27. Do you think Daffy Duck is hot?

I've never seen her

28. Would you ever recite poetry to a girl?


29. If you HAD to, what color nail polish/lipstick would you wear?

silver, no lipstick though

30. Do you bite your lip when you're nervous?

I'm not sure

31. Would you skip school if you had a huge zit between your eyes on picture day?


32. Do tight jeans make guys look gay?

no, just frighteningly repulsive

33. How do you take mascara off?

since I never use any, I'm assuming water

34. Would a girl wearing blue/green mascara turn you on?

depends on the rest of her

35. Do you know HOW to figure out bra size?

try it on

36. Would u ever wear lip gloss?

yeah, if I had any

37. What's better: gummi sweet-tarts or sweet-tart gum?

I've never heard of sweet-tart gum

38. M&Ms or Skittles?

Skittles, their commercials are so cool

39. Do you go to public places with your mom, and actually TALK to her?


40. What is 1 + 1 ?

who came up with these questions?

41. What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas, just because you can really feel its spirit

42. Pick one: RuPaul - Dennis Rodman

RuPaul, I've always admired transvestites (sp?)

43. How old are you?


44. How old do you WANT to be?

actually, I like my age. I don't want to grow up

45. Where do you want to live?

Reality: here at my grandmas house. Dream on: a big mansion with servants

46. Where do you want to go?

Uh oh, you had to ask. China, Latin America, everywhere in Europe, Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, Alaska, Russia, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Africa, LA

47. Who do you want to meet?

Gillian Anderson, Madonna, Joan of Arc, Lao Tzu, any ancient people especially celts, native americans, greeks. Anyone from a different culture.

48. Do you like Kool-Aid?


49. Does pine-sol smell good?

its ok

50. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

just lots of crust, stuffed preferrably

51. Do you like toast?

once in a while

52. Do you still carve pumpkins?

no, I want to though

53. Do you still leave cookies & milk out for Santa?

sometimes, I will this year

54. Have you lost all your (baby) teeth?

I didn't lose them, I had 6 of them pulled

55. Have your wisdom teeth seen light yet?


56. Clear or colored?

clear or colored what?

57. When your dentist asked, what flavor fluoride did you pick: bubble-gum, grape, or mint?

hey, they never offered me grape! usually orange

58. Where is your hand right NOW?

on the keyboard obviously

59. What is better: your right ear or left pinky?

Pinky, I can bend mine all the way back

60. Okay or O'tay?


61. French poodle or French kiss?

depends on the kisser, in most cases I'd probably take a dog

62. Are 2 x 4s really 2 inches by 4 inches?

no idea

63. If not, how big are they REALLY?

I'm lost

64. Do you have a 2 x 4 or a 1 x 2?

getting loster (I know, not a word)

65. Do you know your parents' birthdays/ages?


66. Do you know your siblings birthdays/ages?


67. Does your grandma tell you she is 29?

no, but she was born in 1929

68. Have you ever used colored white-out?


69. What do you think of Smurfette?

Never met her

70. What is your favorite book?

Devil's Arithmetic, the Girl Who Loved Reindeer

71. How does a cabin far, far away, with a fire, candles, and the one you love sound?

who do I love? I'm curious

72. Salmon or Cod?

I'm vegetarian, and yes, a fish is an animal and considered meat!

73. Crab or Lobster?


74. What sounds better: up or down?

down, like a roller coaster

75. What sounds better: sideways or sidewards?

sideways, sidewards sounds not right

76. Ok, NOW where is your hand?

what are you implying?

77. Describe the best day of your life.

must not have been that great cause I can't remember it

78. Broom or mop?

yikes, neither I hope, but broom if I must

79. What is your favorite word?

today its murmur

80. Free! Don't have to answer this since there is no question. ;P

81. What is your full name?

I don't think so

82. What do you wish your name was?

I don't really wish it was anything else

83. Describe your kinkiest fantasy.

not a chance

84. What is the weirdest middle name you've ever heard?

none that I can think of

85. Are your feet the same size?


86. Cassettes or CDs?

CDs and cassettes

87. Is watching "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" a tradition in your home?


88. What are your Christmas traditions?

Christmas tree, big dinner, church

89. How do you open your envelopes: tear or cut?


90. 10 more to go, are you bored?

yes, that's why I'm filling this out

91. Do you like onions?

umm, onions on everything

92. What would you name your band, if you had one?

it hurts my head to think

93. Have you ever worn a dress?

I think so, it was a while ago

94. Did you know that if you talk into a vent, someone in a nearby room will hear you?

I figured, I saw it on x-files

95. Frogs or toads?

neither please

96. Do u believe in making a wish at 11:11?

yes I do! and 5:55, 4:44 etc.

97. 8 or 3?

8, 3 is evil

98. How long can you hula-hoop for?

never tried

99. Did you know Dave is AWESOME?

I'm sure he is

100. You made it. Do you love me now?

i don't know

I lied, there are more...

101. Did you ever eat crayons when you were little?

no, I ate soap though

102. On your last birthday, what did you wish for?

I can't say, right

103. Do you know all the words to the National Anthem?


104. Is watching the Superbowl a party in your house?

no thank God!!!

105. Are you going to name your son Elvis?

my dog, maybe

106. If not, what?

I'm not thinking about kids right now

107. What about your daughter?

see 106

108. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Why bring back painful memories?

109. Do you read tabloids?

Sometimes while I'm waiting in line I read the front

110. Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?

more attractive than boy bunny

111. Do you like cotton candy?

no, too sweet

112. Do you suffer from cramps?


113. Do you have that not-so-fresh feeling?

what? I kind of have a fresh feeling, now that you mentioned it

114. Favorite food?

anything home-made, chinese, casseroles, vegetarian sloppy joes

115. What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

put it in some sort of savings thing that gives you lots of interest

116. Ribbed or plain?

don't know

117. "Lala" or "Skittle de bop du wop"?


118. Apple pie or cherry pie?

any pie

119. Pepsi or Coke?


120. Strawberry or Vanilla?


121. Favorite movie?

Heavenly creatures, Dead Man Walking, Mulan

122. Favorite Actor?

Robin Williams

123. Favorite Actress?

Kate Winslet and Gillian Anderson... mmmm

124. Cheerios or corn flakes?

corn flakes

125. Panty hose or thigh-highs?

never tried thigh highs, but I imagine they would keep falling

126. Do you shave your legs?


127. Midnight or mid-day?


128. Hope or Billy?

Hope (???)

129. Cottonball or Q-tip?


130. Dry or lubricated?

uh oh, where is this going?

131. Fast or slow?

that depends of course

132. Hard or soft?


133. Yogurt or ice-cream?


134. Spoon or fork?


135. Are you crying right now?


136. Fling or flick?


137. Look at your middle finger, on your right hand, what do you see?

I must be so bored

138. Look to your left, what do you see?

my piano

139. Look to your right, what do you see?

a couch, a window, a storm

140. Who is at your house right now?

grandma, grampa, mom

141. Are your legs crossed right now?


142. Do a few twirls, are you dizzy now?

I don't wanna

143. Favorite song?

too many

144. Boxers or briefs?


145. Tootsie pops or blowpops?

blow pops

146. Big Red, Juicy Fruit, or Doublemint?

Juicy fruit

147. Do you like to fish?

I think I had this discussion with you already

148. Is your grandpa cool?

he has potential

149. Does your grandpa bore you with long stories?


150. Do you snore?


151. Describe how your breath smells right now.

kind of like pecan cookies

152. If you were a girl, would you rather be "Matilda" or "Alexis."

If??? Alexis (I am a girl, btw)

153. Does it taste good?


154. Do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge?

people use sponges?

155. Do you chew on pens/pencils/--?

yes, definately

156. What is your favorite comic (like in the paper!)

I don't read any

157. Acting class or class act?

hmmm, don't know

158. Upside-down or downside-up?


159. What's up?

jeez I'm pathetic

160. What does "GROWL TIGER" make you think of?

Xena fan fiction

161. What does this -> .dm,'fglkserhngjkqb; make you think of?


162. Blondes or brunettes?

redheads, think Scully

163. Push or pull?


164. If a door says pull, do you automatically push?


165. Do you even read those door things?


166. Do spiders scare you?


167. What does?

murderers, psychopaths, that I'll die before I get to do the stuff I want to do

168. Did you know I was scared of FROGS when I was a baby?

that's nice

169. What was your first word?


170. What was your first phrase?


171. What can you not pronounce?

don't know

172. Did you know my phone just rang?


173. Is your phone ringing?


174. What's your phone number?

I think not

175. Do you eat your toe-nails?

I would suck on them when I was a baby

176. Are you in drag right now?


177. WalMart of Kmart?

neither, really

178. Jim Carrey or Mariah Carey?

ugh, neither

179. How many REAL push-ups can you do?

maybe 2

180. How many fake push-ups can you do?

I don't want to find out

181. Go run a mile. You have ten minutes. -- Are you tired now?

no thanks

182. Does your bike have 2 wheels?

I don't even know if I have a bike

183. Are they flat?


184. Can you do a hand-stand?


185. Front or back?


186. Walk backward for 5 steps. Stop. Turn around. What time is it?


187. Are you on fire right now?

um, no

188. If I give you a piece of paper, what are the odds of you not eating it?

not good

189. Sprite or 7-up?

I don't really like pop, but cherry 7-up is ok

190. Mug Rootbeer or DrPepper?

root beer I guess

191. Bambi or Thumper?

ewww, Bambi (x-philes know what I mean)

192. Do you think Flower is hot?

um, she's a skunk

193. If I told you to jump off a bridge, would you?

no, but maybe you should

194. Would you lick Prince's feet for $5?

no way

195. Do you know there are people who would do that for free?


196. Umm. can you count how many questions are left?


197. Is your left pinky right-handed?

no but it bends all the way back

198. 5+7+8-1234569%555x3=?

I hate math

199. If you had 5 dollars, went to the store to buy 1 apple for 50 cents, but they were out, how many apples would you have?

I have better things to do with 5 bucks

200. Do you know how many calories you burn when you do the wild thing?


201. How do you spell Czechoslovakia?

I really am pathetic for filling this out

202. Can you burp whenever you want?

this was definately written by a guy

203. Will you call me?

if you're male, no

204. What is the corniest pick-up line you've ever HEARD?

haven't heard any thank god (well, not directed toward me anyway)

205. When you sit are you actually standing?


206. Spit or swallow? <-- I mean gum :P.


207. When it's time for you to go to bed, do you go or stay up talking to me?

I don't have a time

208. Did you know Mariah Carey rulez?

I happen to disagree

209. How old were you when you were 12?


210. On a good day how many tootsie pops can you eat?

none, if its a good day

211. On a bad?

too many

212. X-Men or Power Rangers?

X-files or Xena? Both.

213. Go into a crowded public place.. try to bite your ear and hit your chest.. What happens?

yeah yeah yeah

214. Do people give you money?

no, unfortunately

215. Pizza or squid?

pizza (squid???)

216. Love or war?

they go hand in hand

217. What's your favorite sense: touch, sight, hearing, smelling, or taste? and why?

ooooh, tricky. Hearing probably, because of music. But then I couldn't see Scully.

218. If you could relive one day of your life, what day, and why?

oh, I know which one, but I can't describe it.

219. Shake or stir?


220. Pen or pencil?

either or

221. On or off?

depends ::sigh::

222. Ribbit or croak?

why does that give me the insane urge to giggle?

223. Comb or brush?


224. Sitting: Indian-style or on your knees.


225. What do you call them: Bangs or fringe?

bangs (fringe?? That's a new one)

226. How long are yours?

my fringe? almost even with my eyebrows

227. How long is it?

I don't want to know

228. Will you please send me your picture?

I don't know you

229. A large group of friends or a best friend?

best friend

230. Nick or Shawn?

well, they're both male

231. Lori or Kim?


232. Laurie or Lori?


233. Chris or Kris?


234. Who is the most perverted person you've ever met?

my cousin Micheal

235. Why?

he just is

236. Who is the weirdest person you've ever met?

I just don't know

237. Why?

because everyone's weird and I like weird so its not weird anymore

238. Would you consider yourself: wild or mild?

mostly mild, sometimes wild

239. Would you consider yourself: shy, fly, high, or dry?

I think I'm high

240. Would you consider yourself: bad, rad, mad, or sad? (ok these are lame so what :P)

dad, fad, had, or pad?

241. Wind, water, or fire?

oooh, all. I love elements but you forgot earth

242. Earth or sky?

oh, maybe you didn't forget earth. Both.

243. Iced or hot?


244. Mocha or regular?

no caffeine thanks

245. Would you like fries with that?

yes please

246. Single or double?

can't decide

247. Mild or hot sauce?

mild sauce

248. What do you think about guns?

don't like'em but what can ya do?

249. What color is your hand?

not the stupid questions again

250. Do you like being called nice?


251. Are you right-faced?


252. If you were a frog would you eat flies?

no, I'd probably die because I vegetarian

253. Do you eat flies already?


254. If you were a cat would you eat rats?

like I said in no. 252

255. Do you have a pet rat?


256. Name your pets.

Shakespeare and Fluffy

257. Do you love your pets?


258. Are you an exclamation kind of person or a period?


259. Do you love me (question mark)


260. VHS or hi-8?

any blank tape will work

261. What is better: sand or dirt?


262. What is better: walks on the beach with sand flying at you or walks in the mountains with killer squirrels?

sand, squirrels are scary

263. Are you scared of small animals?

a little

264. Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?

Simon, smart is sexy (Sculllly)

265. Leave-in or Rinse-out?


266. Straight, waves, or curls?


267. Who is your favorite power ranger?

no idea

268. Who is your favorite Smurf?

smurfs are evil (joke)

269. Who is your favorite GI Joe?

do my Xena action figures count?

270. Do you love Optimus Prime?

never heard of'em

271. How did Optimus Prime die in Transformers - the movie?

don't know

272. Did you watch Pee Wee's Playhouse when you were little?


273. Would you watch it now if it was still on?


274. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

how many bites?

275. Will the world ever know?


276. Did you have to go ask Owl to find out?


277. Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, or Owl?


278. Was Winnie The Pooh better as a cartoon or puppets?


279. Have you ever been to Disneyland?


280. Have you ever been to Disneyworld?

no, this feb I'm going

281. If not, do you want to? If yes, do you want to go again?


282. Have you ever been out of the country?

no :( I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!

283. If so, where?

if I could, China

284. Do you like where you live?


285. Do a cart-wheel. Was that fun?

I don't know how

286. Count your fingers. How many do you have?


287. How many times has Wile E. Coyote been squished?

I hate cartoons

288. Do you secretly wish the road-runner would get caught?

see 287

289. Who is better: Sylvester or Tweety?

see 287

290. Is your room messy right now?

not really

291. Count your fingers again. How many do you have now?


292. Are you sure you counted correctly?


293. Do you have a thing for Peter Cottontail?


294. Have you ever been in love with a cartoon character?

I'm in love with Daria, Jane's not bad

295. What is your favorite TV show?

do you really need to ask? X-files and Xena

296. Who is your favorite cartoon character?


297. Who is your favorite TV character?

you really DIDN'T need to ask! Scully!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoo boy!

298. What are your favorite awards show?


299. Do you think you are going to be famous one day?

I hope so.

300. If so, for what? If no, why not?

for saving kids and stopping wards

301. What was the last certificate/award you got for?

Two trophies for piano

302. Are you obsessed with sports?

I hate sports

303. What is your favorite sport?

to watch: gymnastics and figure-skating

304. Do you watch or play that sport?


305. What is your favorite basketball team?


306. What is your favorite baseball team?


307. What is your favorite hockey team?


308. What is your favorite football team?

Don't Have one

309. Favorite players?

don't have any

310. What is the most boring thing to watch on TV?

infomercials, the catholic channel

311. Do you watch golf?


312. Who is your favorite golfer?

don't have one

313. If you said you weren't bored before, are you now? If yes, SHUSH!


314. What are you the King of?

QUEEN of obsession

315. Can you name all the characters on the Simpsonís?

I can try: Homer, Maggie, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Santa's Little Helper, the cat, Milton, Barney, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Moe, Abu ? the police guy and his son, the bully guy, the army guy without an arm

316. What is the bartenders name?


317. What is the quickie-mart's owner's name?


318. Who is the police chief?


319. What is your school called?

our mascot is a comet

320. What grade are you in?


321. What is your school colors?

red, white, navy blue

322. What is your school mascot?


323. What clubs are you in?

does band count? jazz band

324. Do you have a specific person who is your school mascot?

no, and we don't have a costume

325. If yes, what is his/her name and what do they wear? If no, you should.

well, sorry

326. How many teachers do you have?

this year? 6 academic and 4 music

327. What is your favorite subject?

sometimes band, foreign language

328. Why?

I like music and spanish

329. What is your worst subject?


330. Why?

It's the only thing I have to work at

331. What do you wish you had done in the past, but didn't?

moved to my grandma's sooner

332. What do you wish you hadn't done?

answered any email in Nov. 97 through Jan. 98

333. What do you wish for?

Success, a friend, travel

334. What are your goals?

to keep my house, to travel all over saving people, to be better at music and spanish

335. What do you plan to be?

I'm wishing to be a human rights activist

336. Are you going to college (now or future?)


337. Did middle school suck?

yes, very much

338. Did elementary school suck?


339. Did you call elementary school something else? (grade school, basic?)


340. How many people go to your school?

about 100 per grade

341. How many did you wish go to your school?


342. Do you hate