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How Queer

If I put aside the rules
If I put aside the fear
and ran to put my arms around you
Would you back away and say "How queer!"
They'd all stare, but would you care?
Don't answer that, I know you would
You think you should.

Secretly, would you be flattered inside?
Sympathetic to my pride?
Could I make you feel special or pretty or cool?
I could only make you feel admired
And of that you'd soon be tired.

To be your friend is all I want
Or the knowledge that I'm good enough to speak to
or just look at
Is that really too much to ask?
Too humiliating a task?

If I ever saw you again
And the world was coming to an end
I'd hug you
With nothing to lose
That's what I'd do.

... And I'd pretend you thought I was someone worth hugging.
If the world came to an end
I'd pretend you were my friend.