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What do you want from me?
What should a perfect friend be?
Do you care more about your little life,
Than anything else you see?

Oh, why can't I change you?
Why can't I change the world?
Why can't I save you,
Why can't I save the world?

You like to taunt me
From your little corner over there
You're sayin' "You can't have me,"
and "I don't even see you standing there!"
You kissed me once and said goodbye
Now you don't even see me cry
I wish that I was someone else
So I wouldn't be all by myself

Why don't you love me?
Why won't the world love me?
Why do I miss you,
How come you don't miss me?

You like to rape me
You rip my mind to little shreds
I was a child, innocent
But all you've left of me are threads
You think that you're the righteous one
But there's a day when you will fall
And when you think of me
You'll bang your head against the wall

Why did I trust you?
Why do I trust the world?
How do escape from you?
How do I escape myself?