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Well, this episode wasn't horribly written or anything. It was interesting in a way, I wasn't bored. And Najara had some character. But... I hated it. Gabby and Xena should realize that what they need is each other. End of discussion.


Is there anyone who liked this episode? I was so pissed at Tara for beating up on Gab. And I don't understand why Gab couldn't fight back? Why didn't Xena kick Tara's but for hurting Gab? Oh, I hated how Xena just let Tara sleep next to her. She could have told Tara she was in Gab's spot and to move it or lose it! Also, after all that, Tara and Gab end up friends!!! This episode was too much.

The Xena Scrolls...

Not much to say really. This episode was pretty much just silly. I found it uninteresting and lame.

Key to the Kingdom was, well, what the heck was it? I can't believe this one got passed consideration. I was trying to keep from falling asleep. I actually taped over this one.

No pic yet for this one yet- 'THE WAY', it was interesting but it left me feeling empty and frustrated. Where do Xena and Gab go from here? Gabrielle without her staff? It doesn't go down good with me. Gab was kinda annoying in the episodes around this one..