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Every time you breathe, a child dies from hunger

More than one million young people in 20 countries will participate in 24, 30, and 40 Hour Famines to experience hunger and to raise lifesaving funds for hungry children.

- 33,000 Children die every day from hunger, malnutrition, and disease.
- $3 provides ORT (oral rehydration therapy) for one child in Cambodia.
- $10 provides anti–malaria drugs for five children in Zambia.
- $14 feeds four hungry children for a week.
- $24 provides a family in Sierra Leone with seeds and farming tools.
- $35 provides temporary shelter for a war–displaced family.
- $75 delivers enough antibiotics to cure 300 children of bacterial pneumonia.

Every year in February at my church we get together to do the 30 hr famine. We raise hundreds of dollars for starving people around the world. We ask people to sponsor us by giving us money, even a few dollars helps!

We drink only juices for 30 hrs. During this time we stay at the church overnight doing activities and playing games.

Last year we went to a shelter and served food to the homeless. Not easy, because we couldn't eat! I came up with a great idea last year. Freeze the juice in ice cube trays! And viola! Slush and popsicles.

During the 30 hrs you can almost feel your stomach shrinking. You start imagining that you can smell food. By the second day you feel a little weak and tired. It's hard to imagine what its like for people who don't eat day after day.

At the end of the 30 hrs we order pizza. Its funny because you're really hungry but you can't eat very much because your stomach has shrunk.

If you want to participate or get information about the 30 Hour Famine please click on the above image!