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I've played the piano for 6 years. Its fun I guess. I'm a big procrastinator and I have my lazy times but I'll never quit. I take lessons every Monday except in the summer. I play the piano in Jazz band too. Jazz piano is kinda growing on me. Its kind of mushy sounding but it's fun to play with the rest of the instruments.

I play bassoon in concert band and in church. I also take lessons on Mondays and all through the summer. I started lessons back in March of 1998. I learned it really fast. Playing the bassoon is neat because it has a really original sound and colleges will give you scholarships to play a bassoon! Click on the image of the bassoon to hear what it sounds like.

I play clarinet in Pep and Marching band. Clarinet is definately the most fun to play. I especially like big band, swing, and Benny Goodman music.

And last but certainly not least, my violin. Sorry, no pic because I couldn't find a picture of a violin as nice as mine ;) Seriously, I have a brand new top-of-the-line violin that I'm learning to play. Granted, it doesn't sound very lovely right now, but it will. When I first started this summer I was moved into the intermediate class after two weeks (yes, I know I'm bragging but why not? We paid good money for all of this).

Thank you Grandma!

I want to thank my Grandma real quick for paying for my karate, piano, bassoon, clarinet, and violin lessons. THANKS GRANDMA!

Visit my Awards page to view awards I've won on piano and bassoon.