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Heavely Creatures
Heavenly Creatures

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Welcome to my tiny little tribute to the haunting 1994 Peter Jackson film. The film stars none other than THE Kate Winslet, whom you undoubtedly know from Titanic, as well as Melanie Lynskey, who apears in the Ever After.

When Juliet Hulmes (Kate Winslet) meets Pauline Reiper (Melanie Lynskey) the two instantly become best friends. They hide from they're problems by creating a fantasy world. They become so involved with this world that they shut out everyone around them. When Juliet's parents decide to get a divorce, the girls face the worst thought of all, seperation. Unable to accept it, they devise a terrifying and shocking plan to 'do away' with the main obstacle in their path...

This is a truly haunting and shocking film, you will be drawn into this horrifying tale... but the most shocking part of all, its a TRUE STORY!

Poem from Pauline's Diary "The Ones That I Worship"

There are living among two dutiful daughters.
Of a man who possesses two beautiful daughters,

You cannot know nor yet try to guess,
The sweet soothingness of their caress,

The outstanding genius of this pair is understood by few,
They are so rare...

Compared with these two, every man is a fool,
The world is most honoured that they should deign to rule,

And I worship the power of these lovely two,
With that adoring love known to so few.

'Tis indeed a miracle, one must feel,
That two such heavenly creatures are real,

Hatred burning bright in the brown eyes with enemies for fuel,
Icy scorn glitters in the gray eyes, contemptuous and cruel,

Why are men such fools they will not realize,
The wisdom that is hidden behind those strange eyes.

And these wonderful people are you and I.

Beautiful... yet haunting.

The Fourth World is the absolute best Heavenly Creatures site there is!

Everything you could possibly want to know about the movie and the real life case.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I suggest you do!