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I gave a kitten CPR once, but it died anyway
I can bend my pinky fingers all the way back to my hand
I once visited a zen-buddhist temple, it was an awesome experience.
I don't like sports
I'm a lacto-vegetarian but I want to be vegan
I love cats (especially my kitty Shakespeare)
Bad habit: cracking my nuckles and neck
I love Scully (from x-files)
I support gay rights
I love rainbows
I think Xena and Gabrielle have the most beautiful
relationship on TV
I don't like plain chocolate or ice cream
I live with my Grandma
I love roller coasters, especially at Cedar Point
I'm learning to speak spanish on my own (until I can take classes)
I want to travel everywhere before I die
I eat all the time but never gain weight
I'm deathly afraid of needles (as in shots, injections, finger pokes)
so I don't have any piercings or tattoos
Yet oddly enough I like the taste of blood
I think ladybugs and insects are disgusting
I love singing to the radio at the top of my lungs
I like braids and bandanas in my hair
I had a huge obsession with Gwen from No Doubt when I was 13
I am always tempted to dance in the moonlight when there's a full moon
I always stay up too late
I already have a new year's resolution: not to cheat/to be honest all the time