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Love and Hate

We're safe cause love will be our guide...

Lovin': internet, reading, all music, traveling, people that are beautiful from the inside, early morning and evening, floating in my lake, sunshine, rain, 4 seasons (gotta love Michigan), other cultures and countries, summer break, school, mythology, Xena subtext, madonna, food, freedom, my cat, Ann Arbor, hippie clothes, spanish, X-files, Scully, shippiness, fanfiction, lyrics, Renaissance festivals, costumes, womyn, prose, snow, history, joan baez.

Shovin': places that serve nothing vegetarian, some of the time friends, homophobia, racism, people who have no goals in life, right-wing christians who don't understand open-mindness, colds and the flu, embarrassing moments, stereoptypes, marching band, cute boy bands, when its 80+ with humidity outside, insects, needles, stealing lying cheating perverted deceitful family members, when people are eat noisily or with their mouths open, people who complain of being bored and do nothing about it.