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name: Edith
sex: female
age: 15 born July 2, 1984
grade: 10th
home: MI, USA
astrology: cancer

Outward Most people see me as an over-achiever, maybe kind of a nerd. (That's ok, I don't mind the label 'nerd'.) I have a 4.0 gpa, I play 4 musical instruments, I read a lot. I'm usually quiet, unless I'm arguing, and sometimes I'm downright anti-social. I'm addicted to the internet. I watch Xena and the X-files everyday. I'm the only known vegetarian in my high school. I'm always arguing with people at school that homosexuality is not wrong and that it's OK to accept different lifestyles and religions. I'm a very open-minded person.

Socially I don't have a single friend that I've ever completely confided in or trusted with my secrets. I get homesick very easily. I have anxiety attacks sometimes when I'm in social situations, although you probably couldn't tell. I love developing my individuality, slowly but surely. I want to be different, but accepted. However, I would never compromise that individuality for acceptence.

Religion I think every individual has to find the spiritual path that is right for them. My personal beliefs are an assortment of things. I believe everything and everyone has a spirit, and that the spirits of the dead do whisper to us. I believe in past lives. I believe God (or whatever you want to call Him/Her) resides in everything in nature.

Nothing makes me more angry than when Christians use the bible to condemn homosexuality. If they should learn anything from the bible, it's to accept and love ALL people, and leave the judging up to God.

I love to incorporate parts of other religions into my own personal spirituality. Earth religions are my favorite to study, such as Wicca and native american religions. Taoism is aboslutely fascinating and inspiring. All religions are interesting. I love mythology also.

Music has become a major part of my life. I believe that music gives wings to the spirit. I play piano, violin, clarinet, and bassoon. I am never bored with so many instruments to practice! I don't have any particular group or person that I listen to all of the time. Mostly I'm into lyrics, I listen to songs that I identify with. I like folk, celtic, and cultural music.

I'm a bit obsessed with the past. I especially feel strongly about the holocaust. I think I was there in a past life. (yes, I'm serious) The following used to be a clique but I don't know where it went. It describes me pretty well.

. other than just a strange sense of deja vu all the time, as if I've lived this life before, old souls frequently have visions of past lives or feel very strongly about history, extraordinarily touched by certain events that they learn about. are they just being emotional? or does somewhere, deep within these people, remember what it was like to be there, to watch the horror and the cruelty?

old souls also tend to be the watchers, the listeners, the lurkers. they look at you with those eyes and you just know them, you just know. the smile that sly mona lisa smile and you feel completely comfortable. perhaps you know one of these people. perhaps you are one of these people. a soul that has wandered the earth - the galaxy - in more ways, in more times, than just this one.