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Them Bones Them Bones

Overall rating out of 10:8

Favorite Scenes: Xena's panic when Gab is in trouble and vice versa, Gabrielle saying that she loved Xena's baby, Americe's quirky lines, the crossing over scenes. There were several times that I was going "Kiss her! Kiss her!"

Gripes: It kinda sucked that Gab failed to beat Alti, but it was realistic. The skeleton thing wasn't that great. Alti is gone for good, at least until they need a plot devise again.

On the bright side: I love the feel of this episode, very much "Adventures of Sin Trade", which is one of my favorites. Yakut was a treat. The costumes rocked. The music was awesome! I thought this was a great episode overall.

Next episode: Xena and Gab head East. I am really looking forward to this, being that the 'Chin' episodes were my very favorites.