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the animal holocaust The positive effects of vegetarianism are becoming more and more clear...

A healthy body.

A healthy planet.

A healthy respect for other living creatures.

Note: Most of my statistics and much of my info can be credited to "A Teenager's Guide to Vegetarianism" by Judy Krizmanic. I highly recommend it. More credit to the wonderful sites below:

Vegetarian Times

Animal Liberation Now!

Frolicking Fields Friendly Family Fun Flesh Farm

Famous Vegetarians

Think it's tough to be veggie?
Actually its not. Morningstar Farms and other companies like Morningstar are creating healthy, tasty substitutes for almost every meat product you can think of. Vegetarian hot dogs, hamburgers, tunafish, chicken, roast beef, just about everything.

Want to know something about McDonalds?

  • Even though McDonald's claims they use recycled paper for their packaging, they still cut down 800 sq miles of rainforest every year for paper!

  • Most of McDonald's livestock spend their entire lives in tiny cages, often in their own urine.

  • Want to know more? Visit McSpotlight for more info.

    How many fur coats do you own? *Warning- graphic image below*

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