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Movies I'm in love with:

Heavenly Creatures
This film is based on a true story and stars (ta-da) Kate Winslet. Its about 2 girls who form a lesbian relationship and knock off one of their mothers. TRUE STORY, folks. Anyway, absolutely a must-see!!!!

I love this movie! A film about a girl in China who dresses as a man and joins the army to save her father's life. She ends up saving the Emperor, the whole army, and China. Talk about your girl power! This movie is really hilarious too!

Dead Man Walking A nun gets stuck helping a prison inmate on his way to death row. This movie is touching, disturbing, and provoking. Susan Sarandon is another one of my favorites and she really does an excellent job in this movie. I wish I could be friends with her character. Great music as well.

Schindler's List The best movie ever made. I am deeply emotional and horrified about the holocaust and I study it quite a bit. This movie showed much of the horror that went on during the Holocaust, but not enough. It spares us many of the true horrors that went on. Still, if you haven't seen this movie, GO SEE IT NOW!!!!!

X-Files: Fight the Future I love the series, so it was really a given that I'd love the movie. Also, this movie was a shipper's dream, so if you like the sexual tension between Scully and Mulder, see the movie. It's been said, though, that if you don't like the series, you probably won't like the movie.